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NIPA and Club Competitions Results

I trust that this post finds you all well, and following the government instructions on Covid19 for all our wellbeing!

The wait is finally over – NIPA Round 5 “ Open” results are out!

• In the colour print section congratulations to all concerned for super images. Jonny Andrews received a starred print for “Mum’s the Word” and the images from Linda Hutchinson, Sean Evans and Alan Hillen were all highly rated.
• In the mono section we did exceptionally well with all 4 contributors obtaining starred images. Alan Hillen “ Cheetah”, Robert Johnston “Standing Bright”, Sian Kerr “Raphael” and Jonny Andrews “Weathered”
• In the PDIs both Ted McKee “Male Sparrow hawk” and Jonny Andrews “Heads On “ obtained starred images. Not far behind were the dream team of Sean and Jacqui Evans.!

So what does all this mean?

Novice Competition
1st Ards - 178
2nd Bangor and N Down - 157
3rd Belfast Photo Imaging Club - 155.5

Main Competition
1st Catchlight - 540.5
2nd C B Camera Club - 536
3rd Ards - 531

Well what can you say!!! 7 starred images in the final round.
Ards have punched well above their weight and have received the results they richly deserve.

Congratulations to all concerned and here is to next year!!!

As you are aware alongside the NIPA competition we run our own club competition. We were fortunate that we were able to complete both competitions. The club competition results are usually announced at our Annual Exhibition.

At our last emergency committee meeting we took the decision to cancel this year’s Exhibition, so it is my pleasure to announce the results (to great fanfare) of the 2019-2020 Ards Club Competition.
Our grateful thanks go to Marlene and her merry band of helpers for collating the results for each round. Thank you to all who faithfully entered images or PDIs, it certainly made for an excellent competition. I would also encourage those who haven’t participated for whatever reason to give it a go whenever we start up again, it will help you on your photographic journey.

General Section – Black and White
1st Marlene Hazlehurst; Joint 2nd Sean Evans and Jonny Andrews 4th Sarah Shaw

Colour Prints
1st Sean Evans; 2nd Sarah Shaw; Joint 3rd Marlene Hazlehurst and Jonny Andrews

1st Sean Evans; 2nd Chris Davidson; 3rd Glenn Service; Joint4th Marlene Hazlehurst and Jackie Evans

Overall Placings
1st Sean Evans; 2nd Marlene Hazlehurst; 3rd Jonny Evans; 4th Sarah Shaw

Advanced Section - Black and White
1st Keith Malcolm; 2nd Patricia Mackey; 3rd Robert Johnston

Colour Prints
1st Keith Malcolm; 2nd Sian Kerr; 3rd Patricia Mackey

1st Ted McKee; 2nd Patricia Mackey; 3rd Steven Ferguson

Overall Placings
1st Keith Malcolm; 2nd Patricia Mackey; 3rd Ted McKee

Well done !!

A special word of mention to Allen Hillen who half way through the season moved sections from Novice to Advanced Section and that is why he didn’t feature in either section.

We will, in due course, celebrate all the winners and present the certificates and medals for all their hard work throughout the year.
In the meantime Sarah will keep us all informed of any developments and any photographic related issues that we may find interesting to help wile away any spare time we may have.
Well I have said enough and I must return to my papering and painting; it’s not going well !

Keep safe until we meet again, back in our clubhouse.


Notes for Friday 13 March 2020
Change of Programme

On Friday last we had a change of programme due to Covid-19. Only 9 members turned out (the others no doubt considering their position regarding the virus.)

Nick Page, when he was over in N Ireland giving a lecture, also did a workshop around the North Coast and it was these YouTube videos that we watched. There were 3 short videos, the first concentrating on Elephant Rock. The weather was not very kind, but in true photographic fashion they just battled on. Sean, Neal and Ryan from our own club featured. The second video concentrated on Dunluce castle, The Dark Hedges and KInbane Castle. Nick, with help from colleagues demonstrated how to make the most from the conditions and still achieve good results. His third video concentrated on Giant’s Causeway, The Poison Glen in Donegal and Fanad Head and Lighthouse.

He did advise the viewers that weren’t too many photo techniques to be gleaned from this video as everybody was too busy having a good time. It was our own Neal who the focus was on. (See what I just did there?). Neal comments can be very dry and caustic at times and he really shone through in this video. The video showed some of the shots that were achieved, despite the conditions. Throughout the videos the beauty of the North Coast was captured by Ryan using his drone and it really did complement the series.

Thanks to Claire for uploading and showing the videos.

It was a shortened evening due to current events. The committee will be meeting shortly to decide on the best plan of action and you will be informed in due course.


Notes for Friday 6 March 2020
Auction Night

On Friday past, Bargain Hunt came to the camera club. The room was well filled with 30+potential buyers all looking for that elusive bargain. Our thanks go Marlene and Claire for cataloguing the items, and to our auctioneer for the evening Mr Leslie Armour for taking charge of the proceedings. There was a wide variety of items all requiring new homes, from camera gear to everything else under the sun.

Leslie had to work hard; there was lots of heckling and banter passed between the auctioneer and the members. He produced some awful jokes and puns in an attempt to get members to part with their money. At times it was like getting blood out of a stone !!, but he persevered. Members got wise not to rub their nose, or scratch their ear, in case it was misconstrued as a bid. There were over 70 lots and a large percentage of them found new homes.

It had gone 10:30 whenever the proceedings were finished. (Memories of one Sinclair Adair passed through my mind!) Our thanks go to all those who donated items for the auction as well as those who purchased same.

If you weren’t there you missed a great evening of craic, fun and frivolity. We look forward to seeing some of this year’s auctioned items making a return next year!

The total raised for club funds was £275.00. Thank you everyone for a magnificent effort.


Notes for Friday 28 February 2020
Guest Speaker: Ernie Patterson - 'Harry Ferguson - A History of Flight'

On Friday night the club welcomed Ernie Patterson from CPA and his friend Alan Morrison. There were 30 members eager to hear about “Harry Ferguson – A History of Flight.” Ernie spoke of the early days of aviation from gliders to powered flight, from Orville and Wilbur Wright to Louis Bleriot, from the first free flight in October 1902 by the Wright Brothers to the first channel crossing in 1907 by Bleriot. His talk was well illustrated with projected images.

He went on to explain how Harry Ferguson (from just outside Dromara) took a keen interest in aviation and built his own plane in his motor workshops in Chichester Street. The first Air show had taken place in Reims in 1909 and Harry was keen to make his first flight before the year ended. He took off from Hillsborough Park and flew for 130 yards on 31st December 1909. He followed this by taking up the Newcastle flying challenge in 1910. The prize was £100 to fly for 2 miles. Harry flew 3 miles.

He then went on to speak of Lillian Bland who was also an early pioneer of flight. She first flew her bi-plane from Carnmoney Hill, just outside Belfast. Both these pioneers have statues and memorials erected to them. Harry at Hillsborough and Newcastle and a replica Lillian’s plane”Mayfly” forms part of the play apparatus in the children’s play park in Glengormley.

Harry had a serious crash in 1915 and changed tack and using his engineering skills developed his 3 point hydraulic linkage which made the plough a unit with the tractor as opposed to towing the implement like a trailer, as well as developing his own Ferguson Tractor and many other farm related inventions.

Ernie then related to his audience how he became involved in the 1980 Ferguson Festival in Newcastle, how he built a replica of the Ferguson Monoplane, and recreated the flight path taken by Harry. The plane is now at the Ulster Aviation Society at Long Kesh.

He concluded his talk by relating how he got interested in Hang gliders and how they evolved over the years from being purely wind driven to attaching a power unit and propeller. His talk was filled with anecdotes and he readily answered all questions that were asked from the floor.

All that remained was for Robert Johnston, a frequent flyer himself, to propose a vote of thanks from the club to Ernie for a very interesting and informative lecture.

Thank you Ernie.


Notes for Thursday 27 February 2020
NIPA Inter-club Round 4 'Transport' Adjudication

On Thursday past, a dozen or so members of the club went to Belfast to Christian Brothers for the adjudication of NIPA Round 4 (transport). Again, we punched well above our weight! We mostly attained double figure marks in each of the categories.

The highlight of the evening being 15 marks in the mono section awarded to Neal Ritchie for his print entitled The Passenger. Top print and a voucher for WEX photography was his reward for his trouble - well done Neal.

Adding up the scores keeps Ards in a secure 3rd place with a running total of 417 points, 2nd is Catchlight with 418.5 points and in 1st place with 434 points is Christian Brothers. It makes for a very exciting 5th and final round on 25th March to be hosted by Dungannon and Cookstown.

                                              'The Passenger' by Neal Ritchie

             Congratulations to member Neal Ritchie on his recent NIPA success!

I'd like to thank everyone at the Northern Ireland Photographic Association (NIPA) for choosing my photo as the top print in the latest round of competition!

The shot was taken while walking down a trail towards the back entrance to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia . We all walked by the bike parked by the side of the track - it wasn't until I turned around that I even noticed the little stowaway! I was using my old, trusty Fujifilm XT1.

Notes for Friday 14 February 2020
Practical Night

On Friday night past, due to unforeseen circumstances Eileen McCausland from Dungannon CC, was unable to deliver her lecture. It fell to Jacqui Agnew to hastily arrange a practical night on portrait photography. Interest was sought and time slots arranged for those who wished to participate.

Darren Brown came along with his softbox and a selection of reflectors and a large gray background, and he demonstrated how the softbox gave a much more even light distribution. This combined with a carefully placed reflector gave a very pleasing effect.

The 25+ members watched and listened to those came to do the portraiture. There was plenty of assistance from Darren and plenty of suggestions from the onlookers. It was a very enjoyable evening and some nice images were obtained, some of which, no doubt will appear on our boards in due course.

I would like to thank those models who sat for the photographers and allowed themselves to be poked , prodded and moved into some odd poses without complaint. Thanks to Rodney, Earl, Linda, Chris and the main man, Sean.

I would also like to thank Darren for bringing and lending us his equipment, and the dogs who also managed to get in on the act.

The previous night we were up at Westcourt for a print battle, and although we were few in numbers we were ably led by Sean and Irvine. Single images were put up against each other, commented on and marked by an independent judge. It was a reasonably close affair and towards the end Westcourt were just edging it. Just before the last print was judged Westcourt asked the judge to mark it out of 3. This would mean that either Westcourt would win or Ards would win by 1 point. Ards got the shout! Martin Speckman produced a rather odd perpetual trophy (a vertically pointed finger??) and asked that it was delivered to Leslie. Leslie was duly presented with the trophy on Friday night which he accepted on behalf of Ards Camera Club.

We have another print battle on Thursday next with Christian Brothers up the Antrim Road in Belfast. It would be good if Ards could be well represented at the meeting and I urge all who can go, to go and support the club. Thanks.


Notes for Friday 7 February 2020
Special Night - Sinclair Adair

Friday night was a special night! It was a Sinclair night, and guest of honour was the man himself along with his friend Noel. This was the first time that he had managed to get to the club this season due to ill health and we are grateful to Carol for the transport. We created a special night for him to help celebrate his 96th birthday on Saturday 8th

There were 35+ members, including some of his old friends, Vittorio Silvestri, Martin Spackman and Stanley and Maureen Matchett and we were treated to an evening of reminisces and stories about Sinclair. We watched a short AV entitled 'A Lifetime Behind the Lens' – an Exhibition by David S Adair prepared by Peter Knott. It showed a lot of his images that were shot on film, and processed and printed in the darkroom. There were many interjections by Sinclair telling who the models were, where the shot was taken and other little humorous background snippets that had the audience in fits of laughter.

Leslie Armour then reviewed several of the images and again with the help (?) of Sinclair explained how the shot was taken, how he added detail from a different image during the processing. One image that was entitled Man 2000 was made of over 20 positives and negatives combined together in the darkroom to give a very surrealistic final image.

We then saw some images taken at the launch of the exhibition to publicise his book and some subsequent events over the past few years. There were comments made as people were recognised in their younger youthful forms and their dress sense. It was also a time of reflection when we saw images of those photographers who are no longer with us.

A birthday cake was produced and a rather flat rendition (although he didn’t seem to notice) of Happy Birthday was sung in his honour. After a few celebratory photographs were taken of Sinclair with his friends the cake was cut and devoured by the assembled masses.

We had asked club members to supply PDIs à la Sinclair. There were 8 members who put their heads above the parapet and offered up images. Our thanks go to Ted McKee, Rusty Adair, Patricia Mackey, Linda Hutchinson, Leslie Armour and Irvine Ferguson. It was Irvine’s tongue-in - cheek image of him being admonished by Sinclair, trying to bring the meeting to a close at 10:15 while he still had another 8 AVs to show that was chosen by Sinclair as the winner!

There were a few minutes left and the chair offered the floor to Sinclair to show two of his AVs from the many that he had brought along. However he demanded three. After some mediation it was agreed that he would show three!!

We were treated to the three that he chose, including Hill Billy Heaven, with a soundtrack by Tex Ritter. The chair was certainly not in Heaven!!!.

Sean Evans showed two of his short AVs that demonstrated many of the techniques that Sinclair had employed in his time. Sinclair was most impressed. With praise ringing in Sean’s ears the Chair was able to bring the meeting to an end, just a couple of minutes past 10:00.

Sinclair will be going out for a special birthday meal with his family and friends on Saturday and all his friends wish him well on his special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINCLAIR ADAIR


Notes for Friday 31 January 2020
Quiz Night

On Friday last it was only the die hard’s who turned up for the quiz night. The bulk of the membership went to hear Joe Cornish at Bangor. They missed a very good and entertaining night! Our thanks go to Marlene, aided and assisted by Claire for running the quiz. They were able to keep order (and the scores), whilst remaining impartial and neutral.

There were enough members present to split into three teams, Clickets, Team Eddie and Critter’s Corner (Where is the photographic connection in those names?) We had six rounds including the proverbial picture round.

The questions were a potpourri of photographic questions and others that were loosely based on photography. I was impressed by the number of people who knew that the most photographed Page 3 girl was Sam Fox and embarrassed that I couldn’t name all the current members of the Committee. I hang my head in shame!!

It was an evening of fun and good natured banter (what else would you expect?) and I’m sure we all learnt a little bit about the history of photography through the questions.

And the final scores were: - Clickets 72, Team Eddie 72½ and Critter’s Corner 85½ It is not the winning, but the taking part that counts, but just for the record I was on the winning side!!


Notes for Friday 24 January 2020
Print Battle - City of Belfast PS v Ards CC

On Friday last the room was full with 40+ members and friends for our first print battle of the season. It was with our old Adversary, City of Belfast (Peter Knott with his other hat on.) and he had brought along several members, who were all made very welcome. My thanks go to Marlene for getting Ards prints in for consideration and to our panel of advanced members for choosing the prints for the battle.

We welcomed as our judge for the evening Chelle McGaughey LRPS from CPA, along with her daughter Maia. The battle consisted of two panels, one mono with 15 prints and a colour panel also of 15 prints. They were displayed with Chelle out of the room to ensure that she was unaware which print was from which club.

There was a good variety of genres on display from landscapes through portraiture, architecture and wildlife. Chelle commented on each print as to how she saw the subject matter portrayed. Backgrounds and highlights were mentioned, as well as contrast. In the portraits were she felt that some required a little more separation from the background. Portraits were all about the eyes and she highlighted how each of the different prints focused on that point.

In general all the prints displayed good use of depth of field and all were well exposed. She marked each print out of 5. Six prints received the maximum mark. At the end of the colour round the score was Ards 55 and City of Belfast 51. These results were not made known to the meeting to keep the excitement going.

After our tea it was the turn of the colour prints. Again there was a wide variety of genres and again Chelle commented on each print. Maia, had spotted a print during the viewing at tea break, and her mother asked her to comment on it as she was in complete agreement with her remarks. It was a shot of a Brown Hooded Kingfisher. Maia felt that the sharpness and clarity of the picture enabled the viewer to see makeup of every feather, the colours were vibrant and popped out and the depth of field used made the background blurred. All in all an excellent picture! At the end of the colour round the score was Ards 67 and City of Belfast 50. The overall score was Ards 122 and City of Belfast 101, which reversed the result from last year.

It was left to Leslie Armour on behalf of Ards to thank Chelle and Maia for their judging and comments. He commiserated with City of Belfast (in his usual style) saying that there always was next year!!. In his remarks Lawson Piggott on behalf of City of Belfast, was gracious in defeat and looked forward to next year. He also thanked the judges and Ards Camera Club for an enjoyable evening.
My thanks to all, for entering into the spirit of things and making the evening a success.


Notes for Friday 17 January 2020
Club / NIPA Competition Round 4 'Open' Judge - John Belshaw

On Friday night, 30+ members turned out for Round 4 of the NIPA competition. It was on the theme of 'Transport'. Our guest judge for the evening was our friend John Belshaw from Shorts Camera Club.
There was a good selection for John to digest and comment on and our thanks go to Marlene and Claire for their work in ensuring that everything went off smoothly.

In the General section there were 11 B&W and 13 colour prints submitted. In the Advanced section there were 18 mono and 22 colour prints submitted. In the PDI section there were 29 in the General section and 22 in the Advanced section.

He demonstrated how on the judging day how the prints would be passed through quickly to the judges for them to ascertain the overall quality. They would go back again just for a few seconds for the judges to score the prints.

As usual for us the judge had time to view and speak on each image. John first confirmed that the image in this instance met the criteria of 'Transport' . Some were clearer than others, and some required a little (lateral?) thinking. He gave his views on each image, some were stronger than others, and some he felt could be improved by cropping the image. Some of the images told a good story and packed a punch and some were perhaps a little over fussy.

For the PDIs he first viewed them all to get a feeling for the subject matter. Again he critiqued each image pointing out the strong points and were he felt the image might be improved. At the end of the evening he selected the best images for our club competition and from these he selected what he thought might be the strongest entries that best embodied the transport theme and put them forward for the NIPA competition.

Congratulations to all who submitted images for the competitions, and to those who were successful in getting their images chosen to represent us in the NIPA competition.

Finally it was left to Peter Knott, on behalf of the club to thank John for his time and considered comments. He felt sure that the meeting had learnt from the images submitted.


Notes for Friday 10 January 2020
Neal Ritchie - 'Habitat for Humanity'

Friday night was the first meeting of the New Year. Unfortunately our published speaker, Trevor Ferris was unavailable. Nevertheless the club was well attended to hear one of our own members Neal Ritchie gave an illustrated talk on Habitat for Humanity. Instead of going on normal holidays Neal offers his time and services for charitable work.

This year he returned to Cambodia to help build two houses on behalf of Habitat for Humanity. Before reaching Cambodia he stopped off for a few days with friends in Singapore. He visited the Gardens by the Bay and took some evocative shots of the Super Tree Grove during the light show. It wouldn’t be Neal if he didn’t go wandering the streets with his camera in 36°C heat in search images that told a story. As we all know Neal is very fond of changing his shots into B and W and he showed a series of images in colour and B & W and asked the meeting which image they preferred. He got a good rapport going as members gave their opinions and reasons for their choice.

After tea he showed the work that he undertook in the build in Cambodia. He described how he took a series of shots that explained the context of the work, detail shots of the work, images of those involved, both local and helpers and these would be made into an AV and given to the charity for them to use for promotion, awareness and fund raising.

It was very clear from the photos he took of those for whom the houses were being built how grateful they were and how life changing it would be for them.

Neal had paid his own way and worked with a group (14) to build two houses to improve the lot of those less fortunate. He is to be congratulated on his humanitarian works and on the presentation that he gave to the club. It was much appreciated.


Notes for Friday 13 December 2019
Club / NIPA Competition Round 3 'Open' Judge - William Allen

On Friday past we had William Allen of City of Belfast P.S. to judge our entries for NIPA Competition (Round 3). It was an OPEN Round.

There were 30 prints in the General colour and B and W sections and 33 in the Advanced colour and B and W sections. There was a wide variety of prints (as you would expect) from him to choose from.
William spoke on each print suggesting, when appropriate, slight tweaks or changes that he felt might improve the overall appearance of the shot. A lot of had gone into producing the images and all were well mounted and presented. After much thought he came up with the winning prints for each of the sections and then after further deliberation chose the prints to go forward for Ards in the NIPA competition.

After tea he looked at the PDIs in both General and Advanced sections, (25 and 20 images) respectively. Again he critiqued each image; giving positive feedback that he felt could improve its appearance. Again he deliberated long and hard over his winners and the final choice of the PDIs that would go through to NIPA.

Thanks are in order to all the members that entered the competition and congratulations to the winners and to those whose images were put through to represent Ards in Round 3.
The results are not given here in order keep them secret until the judging.

Our thanks go to William for the time, effort and comments he gave to the club in judging the competition. It was most appreciated by all in attendance.

That was the last evening before our Christmas break. Our Club dinner is on Wednesday night in the Chef and Manager @7:30pm. We recommence on 14th January when Trevor Ferris will be our visiting speaker, and will talk on the genius of Ansel Adams.

On behalf of the Committee I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Notes for Friday 6 December 2019
Roy Finlay Memorial Natural History Competition

On Friday past we were to be found at the Model Primary School for the Roy Finlay Natural History Competition.

Roy was a past President of Ards and a past President of NIPA and was a wildlife photographer, who sadly lost his life in pursuit of his hobby. In his memory his late wife Rosemary instigated this competition and presented a tray which is given to the overall winner each year.

We are grateful that the Finlay family’s patronage has been carried on through his son Neil, who was in attendance with his wife Kerry, daughter Kayleigh and son Ewan, and he presented the tray to the author of the winning image at the end of the evening.

This year there were 120 printed images, and 190 PDIs from 18 clubs submitted by 44 different authors. A very unenviable task for our judge Louise Borbely, from CPA, to undertake and pick a winner. Louise critiqued many of the images using her wide experience in the field of natural history. She was positive with her comments and generous with her praise of images that were of wild creatures.

Ards Camera Club were very well represented by Alan Hillen, Keith Malcolm, Patricia Mackey, Ted McKee, Hugh McComb, Jackie Agnew, Sean Evans, Stephen Ferguson and Robert Graham all submitting entries in both the print and PDI categories.

In the PDI section congratulations are due to Ted McKee who had 1 highly commended and 2 commended images, and Stephen Ferguson who had 1 highly commended image. In the print section congratulations are due to Alan Hillen who had 2 highly commended and 3 commended, and Keith Malcolm and Patricia Mackey who had each 1 highly commended print.

The highlight of the evening was in Ted McKee coming 1st with his print “Female Sparrow Hawk with Crossbill Prey” He just lost out to Pamela Wilson of Catchlight whose PDI of “Bee Eaters” was judged to be the best image of the night and hence was presented with the tray as overall winner. She also won a 5 nights B&B and evening meal at Louise Borbely’s house in Andalucía (donated by Louise) and a small piece of china in the form of a squirrel donated by the Finlay family.

The room was well filled with approximated 100 people in attendance and they were treated to a wonderful display of prints and PDIs .The evening was definitely an overall success due to, in no small measure, by Ards Camera Club members pulling together to ensure that the evening smoothly and everything that was needed was in place.

I wish to put on record my thanks to ALL in whatever part you played you have ensured that the memory of Roy Finlay was celebrated and his legacy will live on.

Thank you

Notes for Friday 29 November 2019
Guest Speaker - Kieran Murray 'Land of Photo opportunities'

On Friday night it was the turn of Kieran Murray from Banbridge Camera Club to come to the club and tell us about America – Land of photo opportunities. Kieran is a raconteur and a darn good photographer.

Each of the boards that he showed, he told us how he came to be there and how he took the photo as well as other nuggets of interest.

His first board was of San Francisco. He took shots of street photography, homeless people and architectural abstracts. His description of how he took the shots was very humorous, but it had a sting in the tail as some of those who appeared in the street shots took exception and chased him down the street. His advice was to be careful of what you take!!!

He said that he felt much more at home in the various national parks, where he did his best not to annoy anybody. He showed photographs of Yosemite National Park – his pictures portraying the beauty and vastness that Ansel Adams had found there. Then there was Kodachrome Canyon, Zion Canyon, Death Valley and Grand Canyon. His spectacular shots showed the rock formations dramatically lit with early morning or late evening light.

He moved on to Monument Valley and Yellowstone National Park and entertained us with some more stunning shots. He finished off with his account of how he tried to capture the solar eclipse - what went wrong did go wrong but he did manage to redeem himself with a stunning shot of the eclipse.

It was a great evening. There were great stories told and great images shown that depicted colours and shapes through the dramatic use of light.

Thank you Kieran, you can come back anytime!!


Notes for Friday 22 November 2019
Members' Night - Sean Evans 'Expect the Unexpected'

On Friday night it was one of our own members, Sean Evans who took to the floor. His talk was entitled ‘Expect the unexpected.’ Sean spoke of how his interest in photography really started 4 years ago and how he has come on since that time. He showed some of his work and explained how he went about getting the shot. It was very important to him to listen to others comments whenever he displayed his work especially at competitions.

He would revisit or reprocess the pictures with the judges’ critique in mind. He felt that going to the adjudication rounds was of tremendous benefit to him. There he could see images that he could aspire to or images that made his question how they were captured He would go away and try and try and try again until he was able to achieve what he wanted.

He had a few favourite go to places - Oxford Island, Glenoe and Tyrella that he would go to again and again. He showed a series of 4 images of various scenes that by slight change of position or exposure time he arrived at a final image, one that he felt was the one he wanted. He also advocated that in an image that less could be more.

He also showed how he dabbled in creating images that didn’t exist on the ground by the clever use of software. Some of the images were akin to those of the great Sinclair Adair (without the music!!) Finally he showed a slide show of his recent holiday in Croatia in which there was a collection of images that he wouldn’t normally have taken, of bugs and insects. He made a plea to Santa for a Macro lens to help him improve in this field.

Our thanks go to Sean for a very informative and personal talk on his photography. I’m sure that members will be invigorated and renewed whenever they next lift up their camera!

We mustn’t forget about the longsuffering Jackie who has had to put up with Sean’s focus in pursuit of his hobby. Thank you for the supper that was provided and dutifully demolished by the members.

Sean you can speak again any time!!


Notes for Friday 15 November 2019
Guest Speaker - Trevor Craig 'A Tale of Two Cities'

On Friday night we welcomed Trevor Craig from Bangor Camera Club as our guest speaker. His talk was entitled ‘A tale of two cities’.

His first city was Venice, a place he had visited many times. He was there earlier on in the week when it was flooded and showed several shots of St Marks Piazza flooded. He liked the colours, textures, shapes and reflections that the city offered. He showed images that were strong in symmetry that reflected the geometry and architecture of the city. He showed some long exposure shots of the city and canals as this was the only way of removing the water traffic and people from the shots.

His second city was Kolkata (Calcutta) which he visited in 2014. He went out to visit a young girl from Emmanuel Ministries who he sponsors. Whilst there he captured through street photography the life on the streets. He showed the filth, squalor and poverty that existed. People made a living out of what they could find. He found that people allowed him to photograph them and often refused the money he offered.

He finished up by showing an AV mainly in B and W that made me think and consider what I could do for those less fortunate than myself.

Our thanks go to Trevor for his Tale of two cities, very much a tale of two different cultures

Notes for Friday 8 November 2019
Guest Speaker - Alan from 'Creepy Crawlies' Micro Practical Night

Friday evening 8th Nov 2019 we have the privilege of a visit from Wee Critters. Alan has offered his services for free in return for some images of his animals. I would ask everyone taking images to let us have at least one image to forward on to him as he normally would charge around £150 for his services. I have attached a link to his website to give you an idea of what animals he may be bringing on the night.

Click for Wee Critters website

Link to email Link to Facebook Link to website Link to website